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Why 2019 will be the year of Intent & not just Goals

written by Nida January 2, 2019

“And suddenly you know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.” ~Meister Eckhart

So, here is to the new year! For the past week, all I saw was social media posts of people talking about either what they have achieved, what they have not achieved or how they are creating goals for the new year & I am just here munching on a bag of chips wondering what do I want to achieve in this new year? So, I came up with a bunch of intents + purposes + hopes I have for the new year. Why 2019 will be the year of intent and not just goals? Because I want to live a more purposeful life, make the best of the limited time we have here.

Being more present
I cant emphasize this enough! We don’t realize how we are losing every micro second of our life to things that are meaningless. Instead, I want to be completely present when I am with my daughter or when I am with my family. My fondest memories as a kid was coming back from school & my ammi would sit down with me for lunch and listen to me talk about my day on and on. But when I see my daughter, I see her with a mom who is distracted by the phone. So, I intent to leave my phone & disconnect often. Being a blogger, I have to be so intentional of how much time I spent on it and not get stuck in the vortex of mindless scrolling.

Yes to more Experiences
I am eagerly waiting for summer. This year, I intend to create the most beautiful memories with my daughter. Memories that are filled with experiences that we as a family would never forget. The financial planning needs to be more experience + Travel-focused than anything else. InshaAllah

Permission to be myself authentically
I think I have clearly passed the phase of “Log kia kahin gay” “What will people say” because I don’t have the energy to process unnecessary negativity in my life. Instead, I want to focus on doing things + talking about topics that I always wanted to talk about without worrying about anything else. Create content with more intent and high light more social causes.

Add value to myself
One thing, I always talk about on my instagram, is giving yourself priority & adding value to yourself. Learning is living and in this day and age when there is so much abundance of knowledge you should be making the most of it. It is said, that this is the best era for human beings with so much abundance of everything. Be smart, work smart and priortize smartly.
Being mothers, we only have limited time in our day and after taking care of our top most priority (Kids) we only have a handful amount of time but manage that time intelligently. Take out a few hours or minutes every week to learn something new. It can be through books, podcasts or anything else you want it to be.

Well, our new year already started long time ago. We are actually half way through our Islamic year. But keeping in mind both the calendars, for this new year focus on intent & purpose rather than on hardcore goals. Do you know 80% of New year resolutions fail? Yikes!
Let’s focus on being a better human being in this new year, more empathetic, more kind and more present.


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