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When the Heart Cries–

written by Nida September 11, 2013

oh yes! we all hit that turmoil in our life when everything is so stagnant and routine. What to do? I keep thinking, keep brainstorming on how to stay positive when things are just so tough. At times, its like above the tolerance level & just like any random person, I would cry. But I prefer to cry while praying rather than crying alone. The beauty of our Lord is that He is always there for everyone, the point is how much we realize that? We complain and oh we complain! We don’t shut our mouths & keep on complaining and comparing our lives with others–  another story all together.

Our Almighty, is such a blessing. We can talk to Him any time & He listens, He is always there. Why not talk to Him or Share with Him our– issues,joys and pain? A lot of people complain that they don’t get an answer back but the sad part is, God does reply but in His own way & we just have to see the signs.

To maintain our sanity, we need a Lord. Someone to whom we can rely & manage to say– its destiny! Blame all our bad decisions on destiny. Well, in rare occasions, it is fate but most of the time its our bad decisions. Then when we face the consequences we blame God for it. We don’t seek Help while making the decisions but oh when we fail, we blame Him.

Having a relationship with God is a constant process. It requires efforts, prayers & constant sharing to make the bond stronger. Above all have faith on Him. If He is making you go through a problem, I am sure He has a solution for it too. Just Be patient, Wait for the right time. Try to control the frustrations. I know, its easy said than done. But do we have another choice? Frustration doesn’t lead to any solution but it makes you feel miserable for sure.

So have faith! try to take 1 day at a time. If you cant be optimistic–at least don’t be pessimistic!

Love your Lord.


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