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Product Review: Thissle Handmade With Love

written by Nida March 24, 2017
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Thissle Handmade with love is basically operated by a girl, Yumna. She started this business in November. The other day she came all the way from Ottawa & got me some of the stuff that I can try.  She has all kind of organic products like body butter, lip balm, charcoal face scrub, bath bombs, body butter & so much more.

I love to support local businesses & girls who are trying to make things happen from home. When I met Yumna, we connected right away & I could see that she pours her heart & soul into this business. Her hard work & efforts can be seen with the service & products she provides. Now let’s talk about the products 🙂 

She had the Organic body butter, Lemon & turmeric sugar scrub & minty chocolate lip balm, all wrapped up in a beautiful basket. It was so beautiful & presentable. I looked at the basket & my first thought was Wow that’s so sweet. All the packaging is so cute, she has printed labels on all the jars & they are good quality plastic. 

Organic Body butter White Chocolate: 
Ingredients: Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil

body butterAfter reading the ingredients I felt like eating it hehe white chocolate, Yes Please!  This body butter is really moisturizing and it smelled amazing too. How can anything with chocolate involved go wrong? Exactly my point. I had such dry skin thanks to winter & hard water at our house. I have been using it for almost a week now, the shea butter and cocoa butter seriously does the magic. It absorbs into your skin & leaves such a nice lingering scent. I kept it in my office room, so I can use it whenever I feel dryness is overpowering my skin Lol. I even put it on my baby’s cheeks, it’s organic so why not! & her pink cheeks were right away moisturized & more kissable than before :) 

Lemon & Turmeric Sugar Scrub: 
Ingredients: Sugar, coconut oil, turmeric powder, lemon, essential oil

Lemon scrub Thissle Handmade WITH Love ReviewLemon & turmeric, a fantastic combination. Lemon adds freshness, is a perfect cleaning agent & tastes great too. If you are planning to eat the scrub, please don’t though. ;) Exfoliation & scrubbing are key for healthy looking, glowing skin. and that is exactly what this scrub does. It scrubs off all the dead skin leaving a nice smooth and soft fresh skin behind.
At first, when I was trying the product it felt slightly dry for my taste, I prefer my scrub to be more oily. I wish there was more coconut oil in there but that didn’t stop me from trying the product. The results left my skin smoother, fairer, & softer. I love using this scrub almost every day on my hands. It would be perfect for all over the body and even feet. 

Minty Chocolate Organic Lip Balm:
Ingredients: Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey, peppermint oil

lip balm Thissle Handmade WITH Love ReviewI think this one is my favorite of the lot. Maybe cause I have dry lips almost all the time. Actually, I liked the body butter a lot too. Anyways, this lip balm is literally mint chocolate, I had to stop myself from eating it. but honestly, this balm is awesome! It literally melts like butter on my lips. I loved how it has that nice chocolatey and minty smell. It was moisturizing & hydrating for the lips. I have a feeling that I will be done with this pretty soon. I love how the container is small and very convenient to carry in the purse. 

It was a great experience trying these products & constantly getting wow-ed on the fact that someone made these at home. Pretty impressive! These products are made with love & I am sure she spends hours figuring out the recipes & packaging details for her customers.

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram & you can purchase these products from Facebook.  I will look forward to your comments below & hope you liked this post. <3 

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Disclaimer: All products were provided complimentary for my honest review. All opinions reflected are solely mine.


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