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The “Rishta” Dilemma

written by Nida August 26, 2013

Marriage is a beautiful relationship in which two families come together and a life-long bond is formed between the couple.

Now coming towards the dilemma, what is wrong with our society?  No, Seriously! Lately I have been seeing girls being rejected on the basis of their complexion, height, & of course weight—the devil. Regardless of how educated they are or from what respectful families they belong to, it doesn’t matter if they are not “gorri chitti, patli dubli and lambi” I mean come on, how many girls out there fit this criteria. A woman is so much more than a symbol of beauty judged on the basis of how she looks. Beauty is deep down people. This should be everyone’s mantra now.

People fail to understand, how they torment the inner confidence of a person by rejecting them on the basis of their looks. The horrible comments a girl gets to listen to are at times the initiation of inferiority complex.  God doesn’t create imperfections, so when according to Him we are perfect then who are these aunties to criticize a girl on her looks?  Weird..

Why can’t we all appreciate the uniqueness everyone is born with? If everyone will be goori chitti, lambi and patli dubli then aren’t everyone going to look the same?  Where is the unique factor that makes you “YOU” and me “ME”? Sigh! only if people understood this.

Our society is filled with illiteracy but even educated families sadly have the same criteria. What can we do about it? Raise our voices. Don’t let our brothers, cousins and friends follow the same old trend. If you even get into a conversation regarding this, try to change or elaborate on the inner-beauty & not being superficial. When we become mothers, we should not let our children follow the same old trend. We can educate them & teach them “all that glitters is not gold”


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Ozimandius August 27, 2013 at 7:09 am

Some people still use excuses such as the difference in height to reject proposals these days. I get the feeling that dinosaurs were smarter than this.


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