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Summer 2018: Beauty Favorites You Need!

written by Nida August 28, 2018

Summer has just been beautiful! I wish it could stay like this all year long but unfortunately, we are already halfway through the year! and Summer is almost over, can you believe that? Time is flying my friend at turbo speed.  Meanwhile, if you follow me on Instagram you would know I started working and that has rarely given me any time to focus on blogging. But that definitely has given me more time to try out new products on a daily basis and see what really suits my skin. So, it has been a blessing in disguise 🙂

Looking Back at “Currently Loving & Monthly Favorites: March- April” while going through the Monthly Goals section I noticed how I was looking for a job and just after a month of that post, I got one. The law of attraction does work. Life is not easy, I think it works in waves, no time is the same, sometimes it’s up and other times just downhill. But it just makes me happy that I wrote it down. My blog posts and social media has given me an option to look back at myself as a person in a certain span of time and see how I have grown, which is a pretty awesome feeling.

Currently Watching: 
Yaqeen Ka Safar (Pakistani Drama on Hum Tv)
Ah! how much I loved watching this drama. Started off with this story about justice and honesty and continues on with gripping twists and turns. I don’t want to give out the whole story but let’s just say in the end, they focused on the fact that honesty and kindness can win over all evil. And that’s indeed a beautiful message, especially for today’s society where everyone questions honesty and integrity.

Currently Reading: 
Leave Your Mark: Aliza Light
A different genre of book to what I normally read. This one is more about learning the tips and tricks of navigating through your career in advertising and marketing. Being a marketing girl, I never leave an opportunity to gain more knowledge. And books like this certainly help. It even developed a better understanding of how the workspace can be so competitive. And have numerous points to deal with a different kind of challenges in that space.

Currently Loving:
Ole Henriksen Truth Serum:

A serum that literally changed my skin. Within a few days, I started noticing that my skin is more clear and has an even tone, which I truly love. It’s enriched with orange and green tea extracts. Has a very fast-absorbing, oil-free formula that revives the complexion. A must buy for that dull and sluggish skin.

Vasanti’s Locked in Liquid Lipsticks:
Okay! So Vasanti Cosmetics just launched their new Locked in Liquid Lipsticks and honestly, I instantly fell in love with them. The colors are beautiful, the lipsticks are long lasting and have a very non-drying feel to them. They came out with six shades and honestly, they are all just gorgeous!

Vichy Aqualia Thermal: 
I have always adored Vichy products but never really got to try them. Till I finally get a chance to explore the new Aqualia Thermal and I am seriously impressed. The Vichy moisturizer has a very nice jelly-like texture which gives the right amount of hydration. If you are someone who wants maximum hydration with a light moisturizer, this one is for you.

Hope you enjoyed my monthly round-up! Will be back with more. 🙂



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Sana Syed August 28, 2018 at 6:23 pm

I’m always on the hunt for good Pakistani dramas to watch (?but I don’t always get to get through too many episodes-still I enjoy them) & good books to read. I’m glad I found your blog. Looking forward to following you.

Saba August 29, 2018 at 5:24 pm

I always enjoyed your blogs . So informative and concise at the same time . Yaqeen ka Safar is one of my favourite drama . I’m using L’Oréal hydra genius moisturiser from last few days . It’s a very light weight formula . I liked the texture. Now waiting for the results:).


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