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Social Media or Showoff Media?

written by Nida August 28, 2013

Since facebook entered our lives, our lifestyles have totally changed. Every thing has their pros and cons. But I feel facebook is nothing but a medium for people to show off. Yes one of the major benefits is to keep in touch with friends. But honestly does everyone talk to the 300+ friend list they have? I dont think so.

I see people posting pictures of their new bought cell phones & status regarding their branded sunglasses. Some people tend to use Facebook only to show off and hide their true identity. Why is it so hard these days to be yourself and not follow the lot? It does annoy me at times, i admit. When I see people showing off every accessory they bought or updating locations of every grocery they are going to.

Then there are people who do upload things but to a certain limit which seems fine. But some people seriously cross the line. The thought of the day is, what is becoming of our society? The reason behind all this—- inferiority complex.

People want to become something they are not & facebook is the perfect disguise.


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Shomaila September 3, 2013 at 10:43 pm

I agree. Facebook can be utilized in so many other ways; sharing websites, joining clubs/charities / events may it be for fun hobbies or social welfare. If all ur focus in life is materialistic stuff then thats all u wud talk about, if you broaden your lens and look at other things/events/people around u then that might help u n the society both.


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