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5 Ramadan Tips for Busy Moms with Children

written by Nida May 15, 2018

So Ramadan is just around the corner & honestly, I am overwhelmed by seeing everyone posting about their decorations and impeccable living rooms hehe. and I am sitting over here, looking at my toddler &  still deciding on what I really want to do. The thing is living in Saudi Arabia or even Pakistan, we never use to decorate our houses except on Eid. But definitely, I find it really pretty and of course something I would love to do with my daughter.

Secondly, I recently started working with husband on a mutual project & things got really busy. So I have been thinking how to make the most of the 24 hours that I have. Like, be as productive as I can be. & also introduce Ramadan to my daughter in ways that would fit into my routine easily. Zahra is Two and a half years old so I am only able to get her to sit down for a maximum of One Minute. But I definitely have some things in mind that I would love to implement:

  • Books:
    So I started collecting Islamic books for her a long time back but now I feel the ones I got are not so relatable. Recently, I purchased a bunch from Ruqaya’s Book Shelf and Ilyas & Duck, Zahra is truly enjoying these. The best possible way to incorporate a better understanding of our religion and prophets could be through storybooks. Because kids find them more relatable. 

  • 30 days of  Giving back:
    I am planning to start this project #30daysofgivingback in Ramadan to understand how we can actually give back to the community and also why is it important to develop that empathy towards others.

    Also, I and Zahra have been going out and feeding the birds and she’s really enjoying that, quite an animal lover like her mama 🙂 Therefore, if you don’t have a way to go out and feed homeless people, you can just start giving rice and bread to birds in your backyard. Also, It’s summer don’t forget to put water for them 🙂

    PC: www.instagram.com/LifeofmyHeart

  • Learning Duas:
    Whenever I pick her up from school, we recite the Dua for Safar (Travel) together and she pretty much knows it by heart now. So my goal is to get her to learn Second Kalma or the dua to open fast. At this age, toddlers have a capacity to literally absorb and learn anything, their brain is like sponges. Therefore, I want to make the most of it and get her on reciting Surahs. She already knows the first Kalma Alhumdulilah.
  • Story Time about Prophets Before Sleeping Ritual:
    I want to share small/short stories with her about Prophets that she can enjoy, learn about their personalities and develop them as her mentors. So me & hubby starting sharing stories about Hazrat Adam and how the whole world started and she gets super excited to hear these stories. This is something that requires minimal creativity and could really develop kids to get interested in religion. I remember my Mother use to share such stories with us.

For Me:

This part of the blog is strictly for me or for someone who easily gets ‘s overwhelmed. hehe With time I have learned to handle time slightly smartly by trying to really discipline myself (which is hard) like not spend hours doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen., planning the time that I want to spend in cooking/cleaning has really helped me save more time and be efficient. I try not to drift from one chore to another because then I end up cleaning the whole house. so here it goes:

  • Set Realistic Goals (with a toddler and upcoming brand launch we really have to be realistic about how I can incorporate prayer/dua in my daily routine)
  • Make Dua with all your heart. I have plans to write up the duas and read more about how to make heartfelt duas to feel that connection with Allah SWT.
  • Recite :
    SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, La illaha illAllah, Allahu Akbar  & many other Dhikr that I can do.
  • Prioritize, Prioritize & Prioritize.

Honestly, I know it’s tough with all the LIFE happening around us, and the toddler pulling the hijab and wanting to play or the deadline for a certain project creeping up,  But believe me, Allah SWT knows and sees our struggles. He is Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem, put all your efforts, whatever you can do in what little time you can do And InshaAllah Allah SWT will accept our prayers & efforts.

I have collaborated with Three other amazing mom’s so be kind enough to go and check out their posts as well. 🙂 Sumaria, Tamania, and Yusra.

May your Ramadan be peaceful and May Allah forgive our sins and guide us to the right path.  Ameen 🙂 





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