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10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

written by Nida October 20, 2016

We often feel guilty when we do something for ourselves. We don’t realize but its utmost important to take care of our needs and wants. The moment I get up in the morning, my day starts revolving around my family and I guess that’s how it is with every woman. We don’t even realize how busy we have become and it’s a challenge to take out time for ourselves. Especially after having kids, the hours seem to be minutes or seconds. Children really keep us on our toes. Mothers are extremely busy. At night, it takes me fifteen minutes of convincing to get up and wash my face.

Self-Care is not a luxury, It’s a necessity. 

On the other hand, there are never ending house chores, office, and misc other things. I find it is essential to care for your own self before anyone else and that’s what provoked me to come with 10 ways to practice self-care.

  1. Coffee:
    I think I mention coffee a lot in my blogs. Do I?  But what to do, my love for coffee can’t be described. My day is based on that first cup of coffee and the moment I sip it I feel like I turned into superwoman lol. Something about that aroma, it’s so enticing and yet delicious. You can also head out for coffee. It would be great to sit in a cozy cafe with a book and a nice cup of latte.
  2. Have a bubble bath:
    I love this one. I think that’s the best way to relax. The perfect ambiance is created with dim lights, candles, aromatherapy oils, and body butter. Thanks to Lush for their gorgeous-heaven-smelling bath bombs. They smell so good that I might just end up eating one. Well, I won’t but they are organic just in case if you swallow some.
  3. Exercise/Yoga:
    Yes, it doesn’t matter how much you hate it but seriously this is the best use of your time. Exercise keeps you healthy and fit, inside and outside. Go for a walk or stroll in a park,  you can even do a group exercise or yoga at the gym. Those are fun and It’s just 4% of our day.
  4. Read your favorite book:10 ways to practice self-care
    I always thought it was very weird to read the same book again but why can’t we? I read my favorite book a couple of times. If you don’t want to read the same book again well then there are many books that you can find from fiction to non-fiction and in any genre. If you want to read an inspirational book then I can recommend The Help, you can read my review on it.
  5. Get Creative:
    These days I feel like I got my mojo back. I am being creative, trying everything new and just loving my life. It’s so much fun in trying new things and finding that one thing that relaxes your mind.
  6. Start a Gratitude journal:
    Start writing about every little tiny moment that you are thankful for. Being thankful helps us look at our life objectively and it’s a clear message that our lives are such a blessing. We have so much to be thankful for.
  7. Spa Day:
    Have a manicure and pedicure from a spa. They have great ambiance and you can also get 
    foot or body massages. It’s okay to spoil yourself a little, once in a while. 
  8. Watch your favorite childhood movie:
    Remember those Disney cartoon movies? I won’t mind watching Cinderella again. Actually, I am waiting for my daughter to be a little older to understand movies then I can binge watch Disney movies with her. Disney movies made me believe in fairytales and how wishes and dreams do come true.No wonder Disney is the happiest place on earth.
  9. Do some Decluttering:
    It could be decluttering from your mind or your house. A little bit of organizing, sorting stuff out and donating the extra things is good not just for you but also for your closet.
  10. Music & Meditation:
    Listen to some soothing music and learn meditation. Recent studies are showing that meditation is also an antidepressant. It can be more effective than drugs.Hope you had a fun time reading this post as much as I had fun writing it 🙂

    Don’t forget to give yourself priority 🙂

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