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How to NOT lose faith

written by Nida May 21, 2015

Lets talk about those days when life is just not the way you would want it to be. Your parents are getting old and sick, you might have problems with your family, you might have the worst colleagues at work, you have too much loan to pay off etc (fit in anything you want lol). I have been thinking, in situations like these how to keep sane? How to deal with all the craziness that make up our surrounding? The answer for me has to be “Faith”.

Religion is different for everyone.Lets just talk generally. Ignore being Muslim, Hindu, Christian etc, & focus on the aspect of Faith.  If you want to pass your day peacefully, you have to have faith. Faith in God & that He surely does performs miracles. Faith in knowing that nothing is forever, its a dynamic world. When you look at the sun, embrace it & notice that in the next few minutes even this giant ball of fire wont be at the same place.

Faith is the stepping stone to take you forward in life. Whatever happens– happens for good. You might not see the good now but eventually you will.

Live your life happily, sleep peacefully & don’t let faith slip away. Hold it tight & trust God no matter what.


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Shani December 11, 2018 at 5:46 am

Mashallah we proud of u ! You r amazing 😉


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