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How to Cope with Pet Loss

written by Nida September 30, 2016

This is probably one of the hardest topics for me to write. I lost my friend, my companion when I lost my cat.

Simba had such an amazing personality. He would follow me all day and listen to everything that I would say. He was pretty much like a Simbadog, extremely obedient. I spent wonderful 10 years with him. There are pets that grow with the house members and then there are pets that are just yours. You take care of them, nourish them, love them.

When he got sick, I was away. My husband took care of everything. It was not easy for him because he was very close to him as well and me not being there was a good thing in one way. I remember his furry face and round brown eyes. I also recall how loving and adorable he was.

This post is for people who are grieving like me and honestly, nothing that I have read stopped my tears or made me miss him less But yes it has made me realize that I am not the only one, there are many like me who have felt this pain. Some pointers that helped me cope a bit:

  • Time: coping up starts with time. As days go by it would be slightly easier to breathe and come to terms with the loss. I remember in the beginning it was impossible for me to be in that house where he was with us. But slowly and gradually time healed some wounds. I asked my husband to remove all his belongings, completely out of sight. After a week or so I gathered the courage to open the drawer with his stuff. I still have not sorted it out…..  I plan to donate some of his belongings.
  • Acceptance: It’s okay to mourn at pet loss. Acceptance will give you a quick closure. Denial will just make things harder. Give yourself some time and try to remember the good days. I couldn’t believe for days that he is gone. Not being in the same country didn’t help either. Waking up in the morning was dreadful & painful. But eventually, I accepted the fact that he went back to a much better place.
  • Support: Surround yourself with family and friends who understand your loss. I didn’t know how to share the news. It took me some time to spread it out. My family was very supportive. It would be extremely helpful to have a strong support system. There are support groups that have people with similar losses and by reading their stories it can give you hope. It would help you understand that we are not the only ones.
  • The death of a pet reminds us that we are mortal and nothing is forever. Eventually, we will lose everyone around us. It is a vicious loop of depression and a reminder we don’t want. Hugging loved ones and keeping them close will surely help.

There will be people who won’t understand your loss so for that there are Support groups like Pet Loss, who are willing to understand your pain.

                                    Hope and pray all furry friends stay happy and healthy.

If you are ready for another furry friend, please adopt from a shelter and don’t forget to share your story.


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