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February 2017 Favorites

written by Nida March 10, 2017

So I remember we were celebrating new years in Dubai while watching the fireworks at Burj Khalifa & *Blinks* now it’s march.Wait, WHAT? It’s already march, where did the time go?I am sitting here writing about my February Favorites. It literally just slipped by, like it said Hello & whoosh it’s gone. The latest updates & favorites from February are that my little Zahra started walking, if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that. And I changed my website a bit really liking the new little tweaks.  Also, the weather has been crazy, how do you go from +12 to -6 the other day, I have no idea.I guess we all are waiting for spring eagerly.The flowers & fresh leaves have an amazing way to uplift our mood. Thank You, Allah!

I am so excited to write this post, I came across
 a bunch of useful & fun stuff in February. It has a little bit of makeup & lifestyle that I  want to share with you guys. I hope I continue to do this every month. For now here are my February Favorites.

Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter:
CAD $12.99

CAD $8.96 (On Sale at Walmart/ Shade: Medium Nude Glow)

Starting with beauty products, this one has been my go-to highlighter this month. Sometimes I like the shimmery look, the highlighter that really pops. But for everyday use when you are looking for that glow & dewy skin, this is perfect. It is not chunky and nor very shimmery. This is easily blendable & can be used with your foundation or just on cheekbones. 
I have the shade Medium Nude Glow & like using it with my brush and just applying on top of cheekbones then blend it with fingers. Beauty blender will work great too, I am still thinking to invest in one. It has a very light feel to it and not heavy at all. For the price it comes for, I would say this is one of the best liquid drugstore highlighters.

The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Fragrance Mist:
CAD $15/100ml

This is my current favorite body mist. I don’t know why I never explored this one before & always have been hooked on White Musk. Now I am just sitting here and thinking, how do I define a fragrance. Well, the name kinda does the job. It’s like summer in a bottle.  So imagine yourself surrounded with crisp green leaves, with a hint of citrus & floral bits. So peaceful eh? Now come to this post hehe 🙂  It has a very fresh smell, you know the kind that simply makes the day much better.  It’s currently available online only and you can check it out here.

Bath & Body Works Candle:
CAD $24.50

Bath & body works is simply one of my favorite stores when I am looking for candles. In addition to great stuff, their deals & coupons always attract me to shop from there.  If you are a regular at their store you definitely know to not buy their stuff at regular prices. They always have upcoming promotions and coupons that you can use for your future purchases. Recently, they came up with these beautiful marble candle jars & they are gorgeous! The line has beautiful scents like cinnamon spice vanilla, copper coconut, fresh cut lilacs & bunch others.
I am currently crushing on Mineral Springs.  Besides being gorgeous, it smells heavenly. 

Dollar Store Roses:
CAD $1.50/Bunch
I have been constantly searching for faux flowers for my blog photography, and one day this amazing girl Sincerely Anam from Instagram shared these beautiful flowers & of course I had to check them. I fell in love with it the moment I saw them, they look so real and have easily bendable stems. Dollar Store has them in different colors like blush pink, pink and white. I grabbed 4 bunches in blush pink but I still am craving for more. I might grab white and pink as well. They look so real and have slight glitter on them which I don’t mind.  Do check them out if you love real roses like I do but find it slightly hard to maintain. hehe

Umbra Prisma Jewelry Tray:
Regular: CAD $15
Currently: CAD $12.99 (On Sale at Kitchen Stuff Plus)

My cousin recently moved, and we went to Kitchen Stuff Plus in Trinity,  to get some home stuff. While roaming around I came across these beautiful jewelry trays.I have been eyeing them for a while & just a few days back I checked them on Amazon  & it was CAD $20.  I seriously was about to order them. But I guess it was my lucky day, I found them way cheaper at kitchen stuff plus.  Mostly, I just order stuff from Amazon but now I realize that I should look around a bit before ordering. Currently, Kitchen Stuff Plus has a sale going on so grab yours before the sale is done.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my monthly Favourites for February. Let me know your favorites in the comments & also if you have tried any of these products, let me know what you think. 

Have Fun




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