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3 Ways to Enjoy Halloween at Home

written by Nida October 31, 2016

It’s that time of the year when everything seems spooky. All the grocery stores are filled with candies, chocolates, and costumes. Every year on 31st October, the streets are filled with numerous costumes, some scary, some funny and some tolerable. This is going to be my third Halloween in Canada. I love horror movies and candies but we never really celebrated it. Have been thinking to write down some points to enjoy Halloween from home and came up with “3 ways to enjoy Halloween.”


  1. Watch Scary Movies: I always wait for the new releases on Halloween. Most of them are gruesome, which I don’t enjoy at all but some of them are worth watching. I like the ones which are more like “The Conjuring” with a proper story of the haunting and so on. My all time favorites are Hocus Pocus, Halloween (all parts), sleepy hollow, orphan, the orphanage, the others, the conjuring, Annabelle, insidious and paranormal activity. You can also binge watch American horror story, I really enjoyed season 3. I still have to catch on season 4 and 5.
  2. Read a Scary Book: Reading is one of the fun things to do & to capture the essence of Halloween, reading a scary tale will give the perfect chills. By searching online there are plenty of links that pop up. Or if you want to relive the childhood memories try reading R.L Stine or goosebumps. I remember the twisted endings were my favorite.
  3. Handing Out Candy: I think the best part about Halloween is candies. People do love dressing up & I enjoy how creative they get with their costumes. It’s nice to hand out candies to kids as well , but if you don’t want to participate then turn the lights off. That gives the illusion that no one is home & you can have a peaceful evening without the doorbell ringing or you can also leave a bowl with candies at your door step. It might make the neighboring kids happy.I like Halloween only because I enjoy horror movies and would google different Halloween looks and how people dress up their kid as a princess or as a zoo animal. They look just adorable. I still haven’t decided what I will dress my baby girl as or maybe we will pass it this year but Let’s see.One of the most important things to address is children’s safety and recently, the clown sightings are just creeping everyone out. Here are some points:- Children shouldn’t be alone, an elder must always be with them.
    – Teach them to cross the pedestrian walks and roads safely and with caution. People should drive with extreme care.
    -Explain your kids to stay away from creepy clowns or anyone who seems suspicious.Thank you for reading and have a safe Halloween.
    Enjoy the Candies 🙂



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