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5 Quick & Simple Kitchen Tips for the Working Mom

written by Nida December 14, 2018

So, It’s almost a year since I jumped on the bandwagon of being a full time working mom. Wow, I am just letting that sink in. I had the hardest time leaving my 2 and a half-year-old at home (luckily with my husband) and joining full time. But that’s not the only challenge I had to face. Doing a full-time job means so much less time for everything else. And that means taking care of the house especially the beast– the kitchen. 

I am telling you guys there is something in that sink because it keeps refilling itself with dishes over and over again. Thank god for dishwashers otherwise I would have been sobbing in a corner, wiping the kitchen counters hehe. 

There are few kitchen tips, that I have learned + mastered in the past few months that have helped me keep my sanity & keep the kitchen hygienically viable for a family to use lol  Let’s get into the fun part: 

Prepping things before-hand:
Recently, I have been trying to incorporate more salad into our everyday meals. I noticed that I didn’t like cutting lettuce on a daily basis so what I would do is just chop it up altogether and store it in a box. That way, I can easily take out a bit every day and make a quick salad. 
One more tip would be to make your own tomato paste and freeze it up in an ice cube tray but I am sure a lot of us know that. That really helps me while I am making curries. 

Shan Masala saves my life: 
When I got married, just like a lot of girls I had no idea how to cook or do anything. From the beginning of that time till now, shan masala has been a very strong support system in the kitchen hehe. It’s like my go-to If I can’t think of anything to cook. And Everybody knows how super easy Ginger Garlic has made our lives 🙂 , also Achar Chicken, Keema or Jalfrezi are my favorite quick things to make. Plus, on the other side if It’s a Dawat or get-together of friends and family I am easily able to make a sweet dish too. 
If you don’t use Shan, girl you have to grab one today! you can find them even at Walmart. 

Time Yourself:
Yes, you heard me right. I can spend endless hours in the kitchen. Cleaning is never-ending, and then I start sorting, organizing Tupper ware and it never ends. I started timing myself to just do the main chores in weekdays because of limited time and max I will spend 20 minutes cleaning and probably 40 to 50 minutes of cooking. That is still a lot of time but sometimes I am done the cooking part in 30 minutes, only because I started using the pre-made shan masalas and instead of searching for every spice indiviually, I just grab one box & I am done in no time. This has been a huge time saver for me.  

Prep for the next day while you are in the kitchen:
These two to two and a half hours I am trying to basically get done with everything related to kitchen duties. I would pack my lunch, prep breakfast, figure out what Zahra is going to eat the next day and make sure there are snacks + meal things for her. This way, once I leave the kitchen I don’t have to worry about coming down again to prep. 

And Take it Slow: 
Can I tell you a secret? If your kitchen is not clean– it’s not the end of the world. The sun will still rise, people will still go to work, birds will chirp– ok enough with the melodrama but you get my point? You are the most important entity on this planet so give yourself priority, if you have a child that’s being clingy please go and look after them first, or have a project deadline– focus on that first. There is no point being stressed and trying to do a million things at work. Remove the source of stress first, don’t procrastinate and get that task done. 

That’s all the tips I have now but worry not I have a lot to say and will surely come back with more fun stuff 🙂 
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Cat Forsley December 14, 2018 at 4:11 pm

LOVE !!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Nida December 14, 2018 at 4:15 pm

Thanks lovely xoxo

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