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5 Proven Hacks for Moms dealing with Winter Blues

written by Nida December 11, 2018

We have been running away from winter every year! Luckily, hubby has a flexible job and that helped us travel in  December & we tried our best to avoid the winter as much as we can. But things have changed, I have a job now and soon Zahra will be starting school. Besides, who are we kidding, we have to deal with the winter blues sooner or later, if we want to live in Canada hehe. 

There are many reasons to seriously not like winter, first the gloominess everywhere, secondly, it gets dark so soon!! So, the other day I started prepping my daughter for bedtime and it was only 5:30 at that time. You can imagine my face. Lol, we continued playing till it was bedtime.

Three years ago, I gave birth to Zahra in November and December wasn’t very easy till I actually flew to Florida that’s why I feel it’s important for new mothers to distract themselves so they can deal with the winter blues. Being stuck at home 24 hours with a small baby who constantly needs his/her mother + dealing with all the crazy hormones is no fun. But you don’t have to do it alone, there is a strong community of women that can help you go through it. 

Change your focus: 
Ok, I know we have all heard about being positive and blah but can I tell you a secret? This actually works. You have to force yourself to change your focus from what you hate about winters to truly what you love about it. 
For Example, I started looking forward to burning more candles, snuggling in the blanket and almost having half french vanilla + half coffee every night! which turned into my happy drink (Try it, you can thank me later). You can always have hot chocolate too. And for candles, get Sweater Weather or Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and body works

Go out as much as you can:
Though it’s freezing outside, plus the whole procedure of getting out of the house seems like a huge chore, is quite discouraging. But even then you should try your best to step out and take in as much as sunlight as you can. Our body needs a certain percent of sunlight + Vitamin D to function properly. Also, invest in super warm winter gear,  I still need to do this. FYI there are a lot of cruelty-free brands out there so please try to buy winter gear from them. 

Can I say exercise? 
Yes, Exercise! we hear it all the time yet we don’t get off our asses to do it (I am talking more about myself here lol) Exercise is one of those activities that you dread to start but once you are done, you feel Ah-mazing!! The adrenaline rush makes you happy and finally getting that work out done makes you feel accomplished! It’s a win-win, my friend. 

Reach out + Ask for help! 
Winter is tough on normal people and if you are a new mother, it is probably tougher on you. There is no harm in asking for help! A lot of times we feel that if we ask for help people will think we are not doing a good job or we are inadequate in being a mother. But in all honesty, let others think what they want to think. There are still a handful of good people who will always encourage, support and help you. Your main focus is to be mentally better + happier so you can give the best of yourself to your baby. Because that little one deserves all the love in the world. 

Reading, Get creative or Start a new show:
So, if I am stuck a lot at home, my happy place is either reading, writing captions (Instagram)  or watching my favorite show on tv. You probably know by now that I am a hardcore Pakistani, who loves watching Pakistani dramas but not just that, there are so many binge-worthy shows on Netflix as well! Start watching one, and I can give you a list of binge-worthy shows to watch on Netflix or Pakistani Dramas. Send me a DM on Instagram 🙂  And if you are watching something, share below! Always looking for more shows. 

Hope you liked this post, I tried my best to give the most practical examples from my life, which helped me and will definitely help you too. Don’t forget to share & pin. 


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